Simulation models to help you make the right decision
every time

Identify The Business Problem - Simulate Your Process - Get It Right Every Time

Predict The Outcome Of Your Decisions Using Simulation Modeling and Optimization

Make Pivotal Business Decisions
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simulation modeling


SimWell is a premier partner and distributor for top simulation and optimization softwares companies including the following products: AnyLogic, AnyLogistix, Arena, and MassMotion.


We provide a wide range of comprehensive services: consulting, training and simulation modeling, all focused on helping businesses make data-driven decisions.


Our simulation modeling solutions are able to identify the best possible outcome for a series of projects coming from a broad array of industries — mining, manufacturing, supply chain & logistics and government.

Simulation Tools To Help You Make The Right Decision Every Time

Complex problems require Data-Driven Decisions

Test your 'what-if' without catastrophic consequences

Simulation Software

Straightforward Business Process Simulation

Business process simulation software is an effective and essential way to evaluate the implications of business decisions before they are put into practice.

Multi-Method Simulation

AnyLogic is the only  software which combines the best modern approaches: Agent-based Modeling, System Dynamics Modeling and Discrete Event Modeling.

Supply Chain Simulation and Optimization

anyLogistix is a smart supply chain planning tool. anyLogistix combines optimization and simulation  to assess current and future performance of your supply chain.

Pedestrian Simulation & Crowd Analysis

Used by engineers, architects, designers & planners to predict the movement of hundreds of thousands of individual personalities in complex 3D environments.

How You Benefit From Simulation:

Simulation Tools Help You Make The Right Decision Every Time.



Supply Chain & Logistics


All Industries

Welcome to the Industry 4.0

Smart Products, Smart Production, Smart Processes

You should never have to worry about choosing the wrong option when you make a decision inside your business.

At SimWell, we’ve helped hundreds of people increase capacity, reduce cost, minimize risk, and design new plants. 

Our typical customer comes to us when they are facing a strategic decision inside their business and they need to make sure they get that decision right. 

We help you test your options and compare how each scenario will play out through simulation in a risk-free environment.

When you work with a simulation model built by SimWell, you will know exactly what will happen with each decision. You will gain confidence when you invest your time and money in your business.

simulation modeling

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Hear What They Have to Say About Us!

“Thank you very much. We truly appreciate the assistance Simwell have been providing and this consideration without us even asking is additional evidence you guys are a good company to deal with.”
Client using SimWell’s consulting and support services
“I’m very happy with the model Andre built for this project. It’s a lot nicer than what we would have built on our side, and I see a lot of potential for use down the line with a full integration.”
Client in warehousing and robotics contracting SimWell to develop AnyLogic models
“Thanks for this, and for making it a good outcome. I really appreciate the way you have managed time. Many thanks for the assistance and I look forward to the chance to work with you again someday.“
Consultant in oil & gas industry subcontracting his Arena model to SimWell

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If you simulate, you'll never worry about choosing the wrong option when you make a decision in your business.

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