An equipment rental company uses Advanced Excel expertise of SimWell for their dashboard


When an employee with key knowledge about a process leaves a company, it creates a gap that costs the company time and money.

Customer Challenge

An equipment rental company uses an Excel workbook containing several macros (VBA) to create their financial dashboard every month. The employee responsible for creating the macros left the company. Their departure created a gap that was hard to fill. The employees that took ownership of creating the dashboard had to spend more than 8 hours per month to generate it.

The Solution

The company knew they had to reduce the time investment in keeping their dashboard up to date. They could either train/hire a new employee to keep the dashboard up to date, or find a way to improve the process so their dashboard was easier to maintain. The company engaged with SimWell to improve the process. SimWell met with the company’s employees to understand the need for changes to the Excel workbook and macros. SimWell undertook the requested changes and in just a few days, the entire project was completed.

The Results

The generation of the financial dashboard has gone from a task of several hours to a few minutes. In addition, this company ensures that it has expertise at hand when they want to modify their workbook. In this way, they avoid the need to employ an expert in Excel macro and can rely on SimWell’s programming expertise.

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