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With data science and simulation at our core, our expertise helps us to build solutions for Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Optimization, and Data Science.

As emerging technologies are rapidly improving the efficiency and complexity off your simulation models, SimWell can help your team enhance innovation success rates, organizational productivity, company gain, and more, with its expertise in emerging simulation technologies.


Test in a Risk-Free Environment

Save time and money

Visualize your solution in 2D and 3D environments

Manage variability and uncertainty

Compare Scenarios to find the right decisions


Simulation + Real World Data = Digital Twin


Digital Twin

The data is driving the simulation model and predicting a likely outcome in the future. People can now test various scenarios in the simulation model before making a decision about a future operation, and take action.

The actions taken in the real world operation are then collected by the MES and ERP, which starts the cycle again.

Traditional simulation models operate on historic data. With more advanced technology we are able to integrate models of the real world with data from the real world, which allows us to predict how a system will perform with the information we have available today.

SimWell can integrate advanced emerging technologies to help get the best out of your digital twin.


Solve Problems Across the Board


Synthetic Data Generation

Unlimited amounts of relevant, clean structured, and labeled machine learning training data for use in supervised learning, analytics and data mining applications

Neural Network Training

Simulated environments for training learning agents using deep reinforcement learning architectures in simulations of real-world scenarios. A neural network can work interactively with a simulation model, dynamically reading its state and taking action.

Testing AI Models

Test the behavior of your system in a powerful, realistic, and risk-free environment. The behavior of AI systems can be safely explored and analyzed in a simulation model.

Why should you use a simulation model to train your AI?


SimWell can help you enhance your simulations with Artificial Intelligence.


Apply Powerful Mathematical Optimization to Your Processes

Using prescriptive analytics is the best way to ensure the best course of action for a given situation. SimWell uses both descriptive and predictive analytics to generate a fast, accurate contextual image of your business, applied in difficult problems from many industries.

While descriptive analytics provides insight into what has happened and predictive analytics helps model and forecast what might happen, prescriptive analytics seeks to determine the best solution or outcome among various choices, in the context of known parameters.

SimWell can help your team maximize the information obtained in from your simulations while minimizing resources.


Different Models Require Different Approaches.
Use the One that Fits Your Needs Best.

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Is Data Science or Business Intelligence the right model to address your team’s unique needs?



If you don’t have a model to predict how your system will perform, you’re losing money. At SimWell we listen to your business goals, work together to identify a good path, and deliver a solution that makes decision making easy.


If you don’t have a model to predict how your system will perform, you’re losing money. A SimWell Consulting Project defines your process and delivers a model that makes decision making easy.

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