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You should never have to worry about choosing the wrong option when you make a decision inside your business

AnyLogic Simulation Software is the only software which includes and combine the three best modern approaches in business simulation:

  • Agent-based Modeling is applicable for all types of industries as the model can consider the interactions between people, products, vehicles, etc.
  • System Dynamics Modeling allows to model complex systems. For example, it is possible to simulate marketing options for a new product commercialization campaign.
  • Discrete Event Modeling can be used for all types of industries, and is especially useful in the manufacturing industry. For example, a business can simulate the product’s movements in a production line or any other process of the production system.

To visualize your business processes in the virtual world, a model animation can be done in 2D or 3D. The 3D animation gives a clearer and more realistic view of a system, such as a manufacturing site.

AnyLogic Simulation Software is known for its user-friendly interface for the Agent-based modeling.

AnyLogic also includes a database of city maps down to the smallest details such as the incorporation of bus stops and more.

AnyLogic is related to the software AnyLogistix. Therefore, Anylogic can simulate everything that occurs in a distribution center and determine how the center performance affects the overall supply chain.

Key Features of AnyLogic Simulation Software:


Multimethod Modeling

Develop models using all three methods – discrete event simulation, agent-based simulation, and systems dynamics. This flexibility allows you to model any process in any industry.


Simulation in the Cloud

Use any device to run your simulation model, distribute your simulation to clients in the cloud, and leverage high-performance cloud computing to run models quickly.
anylogic simulation - 2d3d

2D and 3D Animation

Easily present your simulation models in 2D and 3D.
anylogic simulation - maps integration

GIS Maps Integration

Use GIS maps within your simulation models. Maps can be applied to model systems like supply chains, logistics, networks, and other cases where you need to take into account locations, roads, routes, or regions.
arena simulation - support

Premier Support

High quality, USA and Canada based support. SimWell provides the support needed to build your model – whether we build it for you or coach you through the process.


How To Buy The Software


Schedule a Call

We take the time to understand your needs and goals and propose the software and support plan that will make you successful.

Choose the Right Options

We’ll help you evaluate the tool, and ensure you purchase the right software, training, and support necessary to achieve your goal.

Accomplish Your Goals

Purchase the software, and get ready to focus on meeting your objectives.


AnyLogic Simulation Software Purchase Deliverables

SimWell Expertise in AnyLogic Simulation Software

Simulation Experience

From automated production sale to the whole supply chain of the systems, we’ve modeled everything in ​hundreds of projects across North America and around the world.

Industry Knowledge

We’ve built models for just about every industry you can imagine in every corner of the globe. Manufacturing, mining, supply chain, warehousing, logistics, financial services, military, healthcare, pedestrian flow, retail stores, and more.

The SimWell Modeling Methodology

When you work with SimWell, we don’t just build a model. We are experts in simulation and we’ve developed a methodical process that’s applied to every project. We understand the importance of the decisions we consult on for your business, and The SimWell Modeling Methodology ensures every project is successful.

Business Focused Engineers

At our core, we’re a team of engineers that are meticulous and detailed to ensure the job is done right. But we understand that our customers have a business objective, and we align our strategy and execution around our customers business objectives to ensure your success on every project.

Trust as a Value

Trust is a core value at SimWell. We regularly discuss the importance of trust – from our leaders, from our engineers, and with our customers.

We are always more than software providers to our clients.

We are experts in model building, system optimization, strategic planning, tactical implementation, and process improvement. We help you to eliminate confusion, define your process, and predict future outcomes.

How Will Your Team Benefit from
AnyLogic Simulation Software?

If you don’t have a model to predict how your system will perform, you’re losing money. SimWell helps you to define your process and build a model that makes decision making easy. We’ll help you build a custom plan that’s right for your team – whether we build a model for you, or you build it yourself.
Here’s how it works: A SimWell expert will meet with your team and learn more about your business objectives. We’ll help you build a custom plan to meet those objectives. During the project, we’ll follow a proven process, The SimWell Modeling Methodology, to define your process, model it, and create a user interface that allows your team to make better decisions. After an engagement, you’ll have a data driven tool that helps you make the right decisions about the future of your business.




Supply Chain


All Industries


Hear What They Have to Say About Us!

My model was able to assess all alternative investment options, and translate their impact to tangible KPIs such as Labour$ per part, operator utilization, and required performance of machinery that will not be replaced. Using the results, we decided on the sequence of investments, and we will very shortly begin procurement of new machinery.  The governance board was very impressed with the level of analysis that simulation studies bring to thetable. In addition, they now believe that all new manufacturing processes, and products should be simulated before we initiate production.

Industrial Engineer from a manufacturing company on the adoption of AnyLogic
“Pascalin did a great job. He is very professional and a kind person. I see the potential and the flexibility of AnyLogic and I would definitely recommend it for future simulation projects.”
A Principal Engineer on AnyLogic
“I’m very happy with the model Andre built for this project. It’s a lot nicer than what we would have built on our side, and I see a lot of potential for use down the line with a full integration.”
Client in warehousing and robotics contracting SimWell to develop AnyLogic models

Our Clients: A Simulation Model for Every Need

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