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The Dilemma

Decision Support and Decision Automation Require Expertise

Decision Support and Decision Automation software should streamline your daily operations, not add extra layers of complexity. At SimWell, we provide the software, training, and turnkey consulting to help you deploy and scale this technology. 

We partner with industry leaders in Decision Support and Decision Automation software so our customers feel confident in every solution we deploy. 

Whether you're looking for software and training to build this capability in-house or you're looking for a partner to build it for you, SimWell can help.

Our Software Partners

SimWell is a distribution partner for a variety of Decision Support and Decision Automation tools including simulation, optimization, and AI.


Multimethod Simulation Modeling and Digital Twin Platform

Anylogistix Logo

Supply chain design with Greenfield Analysis (GFA), network optimization, and simulation

Simio-Simulation-Software - Edited

Simio provides the software for simulation, production planning and scheduling innovations that gives you fast risk analysis and cost reduction.

Microsoft logo
Deploy more intelligent autonomous systems with machine learning, machine teaching, and software technology that integrates and optimizes your operation.
Alteryx logo

End-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes to accelerate digital transformation

Arena logo

Easy-to-use discrete event simulation software for supply chain, manufacturing, transportation, and beyond

SimPy - Edited

Simpy is a Python library for the simulation of systems that interact through discrete events.

MassMotion logo

Crowd simulation software used to analyze, evaluate, and optimize the movement of people through spaces

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How We Help

Maximize Simulation Software Capabilities

By partnering with a team of industry leaders in simulation technology, you can learn to leverage fast, flexible, and intuitive software with ease. We offer training, coaching, and turnkey consulting to help you navigate a variety of simulation software including AnyLogic, anyLogistix, Arena, and SimPy so you can begin executing your simulations today. 

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How We Help

Optimize Your Daily Business Operations 

Using tools like Microsoft Bonsai, CPLEX, and Gurobi, you'll optimize daily operations so your team can make better decisions. SimWell provides optimization software training, coaching, and turnkey consulting.
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How We Help

Leverage Data Science & Data Engineering

Leave the Excel spreadsheets behind. With software like Alteryx, it's easier than ever to visualize your data by automating dashboard analytics. Drag-and-drop analytics help you make the best decisions for your business based on a set of predictable, measurable outcomes.