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Industry-Leading Decision Support and Decision Automation Technology

We develop and deploy advanced analytics solutions based in simulation, optimization, and Digital Twin. 

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How We Help

Get Insights That Improve Outcomes

Our advanced modeling tools provide the insights you need to make more informed decisions, faster.

SimWell invests in identifying and partnering with world-leading technology companies in simulation, optimization, and Deep Reinforcement Learning. We help our customers determine which tools are best suited to address their business challenges. We then work with them to build Decision Support and Decision Automation solutions that revolutionize their business. 

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Simulation modeling provides a risk-free way to test and compare "what-if" scenarios.
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Optimization models improve operational performance by finding the most effective way to schedule and deploy resources.
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Artificial Intelligence

Deploy AI-powered automation to improve product quality and efficiency while reducing downtime.
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Data Science

Data science is a component of every solution at SimWell, used for gaining deeper insights, finding opportunities for improvement, or employing machine learning.
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Data Engineering

Build sustainable data pipelines to drive your Simulation-Based Digital Twin. SimWell provides tools to automate data preparation for models and business intelligence.
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Advanced Analytics

Deploy technology that is prescriptive and predictive to answer the questions "What will happen if...?" and "What should I do?"
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Our Software & Software Partners

We help companies deploy leading-edge technology for Decision Support and Decision Automation solutions based in simulation, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

The only software that includes and combines the three best modern approaches in business simulation: Agent-Based Modeling, System Dynamics Modeling, and Discrete Event Modeling.
A combination of optimization and simulation for the supply chain, specifically designed to assess current and future performance.

Simio provides the software for simulation, production planning and scheduling innovations that gives you fast risk analysis and cost reduction.

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Deploy more intelligent autonomous systems with machine learning, machine teaching, and software technology that integrates and optimizes your operation.

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End-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes that accelerate digital transformation.
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Simulation for a range of scenarios beyond manufacturing operations, including services, transportation networks, and even supply chain activities. If you can imagine it, Arena can simulate it.


Simpy is a Python library for the simulation of systems that interact through discrete events.

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A powerful crowd simulation software, MassMotion analyzes, evaluates, and optimizes the movement of people through spaces.