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Pit to Port Simulation and Optimization

We build simulation, optimization, and Digital Twin technology to increase profit, reduce cost, and maximize efficiency for your operations.

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The Dilemma

Ore Logistics Is Complex

Ore logistics is a complex system that includes the mine, plant, rail, and the port. Across the process there are countless variables and resource constraints over time. To maximize assets and productivity you need to look at the system as a whole, but making sense of that complexity is impossible with a spreadsheet or most humans.

By harnessing the power of simulation, optimization, and Digital Twin, you can optimize across the value chain.

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CapEx Investments

Use simulation and optimization tools to assess the impact of different capital expenditure projects, helping prioritize investments that yield the highest return or improve operational efficiency. 


Production optimization

Leverage advanced analytics to increase throughput, optimize asset allocation, and coordinate complex logistics.


Pit to Port Digital Twin

Facilitate faster and more effective communication between stakeholders by providing a shared, data-driven platform for decision-making, fostering collaboration across departments.



Rail & Terminal operations

Plan your rail operations using a real-time digital twin that can simulate everything from the facilities loading the trains, the railway and train crossings, all the way to the unloading of the train and their maintenance.

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Haul trucks network & schedule optimization

Fine-tune your trucks & operators schedules, manage traffic and optimize your  transportation operations to boost productivity. 


Fleet Electrification

Plan an effective transition to carbon free operations by foreseeing impacts of electrification on your operations using simulation.




Asset management

Optimize lifecycle of mining assets, including equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure, to ensure that they operate effectively and efficiently.
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The Opportunity

Make Faster Data-Driven Decisions

Discover the antidote to your evolving Mining operations challenges with advanced analytics. Together, we'll help you meet productivity levels while driving down costs so you find the balance between cost, productivity, and risk.

Explore How Simulation Modeling Helps

Maximize Your Business Growth Potential When You ...

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Turn Insights into Action

Our advanced modeling tools provide the relevant information you need to make more informed decisions, faster.

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Know What Will Work & How

You need a solution that not only shows what’s possible but also tells you which steps to take so you can work more efficiently, grow faster, and hit your goals.
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Boost Efficiency & Reduce Risk

Many moving parts impact your operations. See where you’re losing money, time, and energy, and understand how to make improvements.