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Students from ÉTS win the 2017 IISE Arena Student Simulation Competition for the 3rd Straight Year

| June 3, 2021 | By


A team from ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure) has won the IISE/Arena Student Simulation Competition.

SimWell would like to congratulate the members of the team for their splendid effort :

Mr. Dion, Rousseau-Laliberté and Roy made their university proud, while also representing the city of Montreal and Canada. It was the 3rd consecutive first place for ÉTS at this competition, as well as a fifth top-3 in a row.

Their lecturers, Jean-François Boulet, et Alexandre  Ouellet, president at SimWell, are very proud of their students.

We provide them with the tools for success, but all credit goes to the students. The effort and countless hours they invest into the competition are impressive. Congrats!

Alexandre Ouellet, President, SimWell and simulation lecturer at ÉTS

Here is the video of their project:


Professors : You can use the simulation competition as a semester project in your class.

Students : Register for the next Arena competition.

Professionals : Contact us if you need simulation experts for your projects.