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MassMotion Simulation to Solve Problems

Do you struggle with planning how people move in a space?

A powerful crowd simulation software, MassMotion is used to analyze, evaluate and optimize the movement of persons through spaces.
A classic use of a crowd simulation software is when conceiving buildings and evaluating emergency evacuation scenarios. Want to evaluate the impact of adding an additional exit per section to your football stadium concept? Simply add it in the software and simulate an evacuation at 25,50, 100% occupancy!

Another use of a crowd simulation software could be when conceiving an airport terminal: How large do you need to make the corridors to ensure an optimal flow of travelers? Where are the potential bottleneck areas of your design? Moreover, how long do you need to build the curbside to avoid congestion? Again, these scenarios can be quickly modeled and tested within the MassMotion software.

Key Features of MassMotion -
Crowd Simulation Software:

3d - crowd simulation software

Real Time 3D Graphics

Use a crowd simulation software to visualize the flow of people traveling through your space in 3D. Communicate. Identify bottlenecks. Sell your design.
models - crowd simulation software

Turn 2D CAD into 3D Models

Import your building, define the pedestrians destinations, and run to see how people will move in your space. MassMotion is compatible with most popular CAD File formats: Sketchup, 2D AutoCAD, DGN, DXF, and BIM.

Realistic Behavior of People

People move and respond dynamically to evolving operational conditions and user defined triggers. Pedestrians in MassMotion are realistic because the driving algorithms are based on decades of pedestrian research.

No Limit on Population Size

There is no limitation in the software on the number of individuals in a model.
arena simulation - support

Premier Support

High quality, USA and Canada based support. SimWell provides the support needed to build your model – whether we build it for you or coach you through the process.


How To Buy a Crowd Simulation Software


Schedule a Call

We take the time to understand your needs and goals and propose the software and support plan that will make you successful.

Choose the Right Options

We’ll help you evaluate the tool, and ensure you purchase the right software, training, and support necessary to achieve your goal.

Accomplish Your Goals

Purchase the software, and get ready to focus on meeting your objectives.


Crowd Simulation Software Purchase Deliverables

SimWell Expertise in Crowd Simulation Software

Simulation Experience

From automated production sale to the whole supply chain of the systems, we’ve modelled everything in ​hundreds of projects across North America and around the world.

Industry Knowledge

We’ve built models for just about every industry you can imagine in every corner of the globe.

The SimWell Modeling Methodology

When you work with SimWell, we don’t just build a model. We are experts in simulation and we’ve developed a methodical process that’s applied to every project. We understand the importance of the decisions we consult on for your business, and The SimWell Modeling Methodology ensures every project is successful.

Business Focused Engineers

At our core, we’re a team of engineers that are meticulous and detailed to ensure the job is done right. But we understand that our customers have a business objective, and we align our strategy and execution around our customers business objectives to ensure your success on every project.

Trust as a Value

Trust is a core value at SimWell. We regularly discuss the importance of trust – from our leaders, from our engineers, and with our customers.

We are always more than software providers to our clients.

We are experts in model building, system optimization, strategic planning, tactical implementation, and process improvement. We help you to eliminate confusion, define your process, and predict future outcomes.

How Will Your Team Benefit from
MassMotion Simulation Software?

If you don’t have a model to predict how your system will perform, you’re losing money. SimWell helps you to define your process and build a model that makes decision making easy. We’ll help you build a custom plan that’s right for your team – whether we build a model for you, or you build it yourself.
Here’s how it works: A SimWell expert will meet with your team and learn more about your business objectives. We’ll help you build a custom plan to meet those objectives. During the project, we’ll follow a proven process, The SimWell Modeling Methodology, to define your process, model it, and create a user interface that allows your team to make better decisions. After an engagement, you’ll have a data driven tool that helps you make the right decisions about the future of your business.

MassMotion is Adopted in These Industries:

Transport Hubs

Events & Festivals

Airport Terminal Design and Planning

Rail & Transit Terminal Planning

Fire Safety and Evacuation Planning

City and District Modeling

Emergency Planning

Evacuation Planning

Offshore Platforms

Office Development

Stadium Planning and Maintenance


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“Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful course this weekend. Coming in I had my doubts about how much I can get out of a weekend course (or whether I can even stay awake), but I really enjoyed your instruction style, and I feel like I took a lot from this course. It has certainly increased my interest in simulation.”
Manager using SimWell consulting services
“Thank you again for your coaching last week. We had a very productive session – moving along not only my model development but also teaching me new skills and doing it in a fun (yet very intensive!) way. I appreciate what you have done and will tell others here about my experience.”
Federal government user after a coaching session
“Where did you find that guy?
He’s good!””
Client using SimWell’s consulting services
"Wow !! It works for the input !! I've been blocked on this for 6 months !!"
A client satisfied with our simulation coaching service

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