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Use Mining Simulation
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Why Mining Simulation?

Mining Simulation helps mine operators to make the most of their existing resources, integrate new technology into their process, and optimize their operations. Specifically, SimWell helps mine operators to model their mine operation, test changes to the operation, and predict its future performance in a risk-free environment. As a result, SimWell helps mine operators to get it right the first time. SimWell has provided mining simulation solutions in mines across Canada, United States, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia. 

SimWell’s experience spans port to pit. Including supply chain projects in the port, rail, and local to the mine, as well as pit optimization projects to develop optimal excavation plans, vehicle movement, routing, and scheduling. Consequently, SimWell helps mine operators to simulate their mine operations to develop a virtual environment in which the mine operator can test and analyze changes in a risk-free environment.

Problems Solved Using
Mining Simulation

Investments in mining involve large sums of money. Bad investments even more. The same is true when it comes to optimizing complex mining processes. Specifically, in-depth understanding is needed to estimate the effect of a proposed change, or when verifying all variables in the existing process. Ideally, you want to know the effects of an investment or production change in advance.

Mining simulation is a valuable management tool that is well suited to the study of mining processes. It is very effective and cost saving for mining projects in a feasibility stage, as well as for operating mines. In conclusion, simulation allow engineers and mine operators to optimize the selection of equipment, reduce mine development, operating and maintenance costs, better manage labour and time by evaluating alternative “what if” scenarios in the model, rather than during costly field trials.

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