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Optimizing Leading Spice Manufacturer's Packaging Lines with a Scalable Simulation Model

Case Study



Simwell’s client is a leading spice manufacturer wanting to optimize its extensive network of 700-800 global packaging lines, which presented significant challenges. The company aimed to enhance operational efficiency and throughput while managing spatial constraints. The primary goal was to strategically consolidate packaging operations without compromising performance or flexibility.

Problem Description

The client wanted to assess the feasibility of consolidating its packaging lines by determining if a particular facility's line could efficiently absorb the production from other locations. This required a solution that was effective immediately, scalable, and adaptable for future modifications across its packaging operations.




SimWell developed a dynamic and scalable simulation model using AnyLogic software, tailored to the client’s specific needs. The model was designed to:

  • Access the capacity for certain lines to integrate additional production volumes from other lines seamlessly.

  • Analyze the financial and operational implications of various consolidation scenarios, including throughput rate, cost per unit, and inventory levels.

  • Assess impacts on inventory levels under different operational strategies, maintaining flexibility and responsiveness to market demands.

Model Design for Packaging Lines

The design of the simulation model emphasized scalability, configurability, and detailed state tracking:

  • Scalability: The model could accommodate any of the spice manufacturer’s 700-800 packaging lines worldwide, allowing for expansion or modification as company needs evolved.

  • Configurability: Using CSV inputs, the model enabled the client to tailor line data, schedules, and strategies. This customization ensured the simulation remained relevant and aligned with real-world operations, accommodating variations in packaging sizes, materials, and throughput requirements.

  • Detailed State Tracking: The model was enhanced to capture various states of the packaging lines such as running, downtime, changeover, off shift, and idle. This tracking provided deeper insights into the operational dynamics and efficiency of the lines, facilitating more accurate analysis and strategic planning.



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Enhanced Scenario Analysis

To make it easier to run different scenarios for line consolidation, the simulation model incorporated parameter variations. This allowed the client to quickly adjust parameters and compare the outcomes of different consolidation strategies in real-time.

By simulating various scenarios, the client could identify optimal configurations that maximized production efficiency and minimized costs and disruptions.



The model’s capabilities allowed the client to conduct in-depth analyses of consolidation strategies, leading to actionable insights for enhancing packaging line efficiency:

  • Capacity and Absorption Studies: Insights into the capabilities of specific packaging lines to handle additional volumes, with considerations for efficiency and minimal disruption.

  • Cost and Inventory Management: Detailed analysis provided strategies for optimizing costs and inventory levels, aligning operational decisions with financial objectives.

  • Strategic Run Strategies: Recommendations for optimizing packaging line operations, including throughput maximization and downtime minimization, were tailored to the unique characteristics of each line.


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Outcomes and Impact

  • Enhanced Strategic Planning: The client could make informed decisions regarding packaging line consolidation, ensuring robust operational strategies that can adapt to future needs.

  • Operational Efficiency: The identification of opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements did not sacrifice production quality or flexibility.

  • Framework for Future Planning: The establishment of a scalable and configurable modeling tool allows the spice manufacturer to leverage ongoing operational optimization across its global packaging line network.


This case study highlights the transformative impact of scalable and configurable simulation modeling on optimizing packaging operations at the spice manufacturer. SimWell's approach—utilizing AnyLogic's capabilities and detailed state tracking of packaging lines, inventory levels, costs, and run quantities—provided the client with a powerful tool for strategic decision-making. This ensures the company's packaging lines operate at peak efficiency while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to future challenges and opportunities.



Mark Dsouza, Simulation Consultant - Modeler



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