We Are Specialized in Simulation, Optimization and Digital Twin

We Provide a Simulation Model
for Every Need

SimWell is an Industrial Engineering firm creating a simulation model for every need. We specialize in simulation and optimization.
SimWell is a Premier Partner for the Arena Simulation Software, providing services worldwide.




Mission: Unlock Simulation at scale.

Vision: Be the best in the world dedicated to simulation by bringing the best team and technology together.


Meet SimWell:

Our Core Values


It is our belief that integrity, fairness, accountability and transparency are the foundation of all successful business relationships.


Our methodical approach in creating a simulation model for every situation leads to consistent quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, we ensure customer requirements are being answered with the most realistic outcome.


We approach each simulation model project with humility and business mindset, so we are easy to work with, focus on the real problem and always deliver.

A Team of Experts in the Industry 4.0 Era

Alexandre Ouellet - Simulation Model

Alexandre Ouellet
P.Eng., M.Eng

Founder and CEO

André Jacques


Jon Santavy - Simulation Model

Jon Santavy


David Larivée - Simulation Model

David Larivée
P. Eng. M.A.Sc.

Senior Consultant
Business Analytics

Alex Franco

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Sébastien Gamache

Simulation Consultant

Maysa Alawiyeh - Simulation Model

Maysa Alawiyeh

Operations Manager

Mario Yazbeck

Senior Simulation Consultant

Mike Dovich

Toronto Office Lead

Sylvain Gazaille

Project Management Officer

Vincent Marchand

Simulation Consultant

Roberto Salazar

Simulation Consultant

Sarita C. Stephney

Simulation Consultant

Justin Plummer

Simulation Consultant

Jose Melendez, Ph.D.

Simulation Consultant

William Szabo

Simulation Consultant

Kevin Perez

Data Analyst

Maxime Leclerc

Simulation Consultant

William Péloquin

Simulation Consultant

Trevor Caskey, Ph.D.

Senior Simulation Consultant

Denis Matarangas

Chief Operating Officer

Nicolas Blais

Simulation Consultant

Karen Trader

Strategy and Analytics Consultant

Sachin Patel

Simulation Consultant

Aron Hayoun
Ing. M. Ing.

Simulation Consultant

Sebastian Mihalko


Joseph Moyer


Jean-Daniel Mathieu

Simulation Consultant

Nicholas Geary

Network Optimization Consultant

Amit Kumar

India Office Lead

Lynda Mayes

HR Manager

Ian Kerr

Simulation Consultant

Mohamed Ossama Hassan, Ph.D.

R&D scientist

Shirwa Mahdi

Simulation Consultant

Scott Hebert

Simulation Guru

Anna Kamphaus

Senior Simulation consultant

Elena Krikun

Scrum Master

Sparsh Choudhary

Simulation Consultant

Krishna Chaitanya

Simulation Consultant

Chris Schopp

Simulation Consultant

Mathieu Dion

Simulation Consultant

Ashok Varma

Senior Simulation Consultant

Alexis Cauchy

Simulation Consultant

Steve Blatney

Director of Simulation & AI Solutions

Senior Simulation Consultant

Haifeng (Harvey) Xia

M.A.Sc, Simulation Consultant

Deva Vignesh

Simulation Consultant

Isidro Liñan

Supply Chain Project Manager, MBA

Akrem Dhahri

Simulation consultant

Lynchie Danger

Executive Assistant

Guillaume Grenier

P.Eng., Scrum master

Shruti Adhya

Simulation Consultant

Shravan Pagrut

Simulation Consultant

Our Clients: A Simulation Model for Every Need

We Work with Some Pretty Amazing People

Make smarter business decisions through simulation!

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SimWell Consulting & Technologies Inc. (Canada)

CP 45007 Laval CP Place Jolibourg,
Laval, Québec, H7Y 2H2
T: 438-888-7871
Contact Sales: sales@simwell.io 
Contact Customer service: info@simwell.io


SimWell Inc. (United States)

2915 Ogletown Road, # 3262
Newark, DE 19713
T: 412-218-0913
E: sales@simwell.io

SimWell Inc. (Australia)

7 Riverside Drive, Mayfield West
Newcastle NSW 2304 Australia

T: +61 2 4926 1500
E: sales@simwell.io

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