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AnyLogic 8.4 – New Features

| September 23, 2019 | By

AnyLogic continues to impress us with the release of AnyLogic 8.4.  The tool continues to evolve, and we’re excited to be along for the ride as one of AnyLogic’s newest partners in North America.

What’s New in AnyLogic 8.4?


  • Material Handling Library
    • Transporter enhancements
    • Added Network Port
    • Added Lift elements
    • Added Jib Crane Object
    • Conveyor Spur element
  • User Interface and Working with Models
    • 2D and 3D
    • Automatic Code Formatting
    • Java application export
  • Cloud
    • Private Cloud Lite
    • Excel File Inputs

The Best 3 Features in AnyLogic 8.4

1. AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite

AnyLogic is innovating the simulation world with their cloud services.  The opportunities that AnyLogic cloud services provides are endless, and we’re excited to take advantage of them in our consulting services.

AnyLogic Cloud is a web service that allows users to run simulation models online on any device using just a web browser.  It also allows users to share models with their colleagues and customers.  AnyLogic Private Cloud allowed users to take advantage of this capability with in-house data storage and to meet regulatory requirements, but it wasn’t suitable for smaller users.  AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite extends the cloud capabilities with an easy to deploy version of Anylogic Cloud.  It can be installed on a local network workstation and allow for the private sharing of simulation models within an organization.

We’re excite

2. Material Handling Library


The Anylogic 8.4 enhancements make major strides in the building and application of material handling models.  Transporters can now move without the need for guided paths. Transports move in consideration of obstacles like walls, equipment, an dother transports. AnyLogic 8.4 also allows for custom routing logic for path guided transporters.

The Network Port and Lift elements allow for networks of conveyors and transporters across multiple segments and levels. The Jib Crane object connects one or more networks, and Conveyor Spur allows for easier connection of conveyors at angles.

3. 2D and 3D

The animation in Anylogic doesn’t just make models better, it makes communication better. As a team of modeling consultants, we are often delivering recommendations based on simulation and analysis to business teams that want to understand our recommendations, not our models.  AnyLogic 8.4 improves 2D and 3D animations with increased frame rates and responsiveness which provides a smoother deliverable and better communication with our clients.

If you’d like to see the full list of features we recommend that you check out the AnyLogic timeline.

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