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New Features in anyLogistix Release August 2020

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The AnyLogic Company, developers of the anyLogistix supply chain management software announced a new anyLogistix release August 2020 version 2.11.0.

The new release is packed with new features to help supply chain leaders, analysts, engineers, and data scientists improve business operations and solve their most important supply chain challenges.

What's New with anyLogistix In This Release?

  • Team Server support (Studio and Academic)
    • With a Team license your anyLogistix license is no longer tied to a single computer. You can share access to the license with your team members.  The Team license is only available for perpetual licenses and academic licenses. It is not available for the subscription license.
  • New Advanced Transport Optimization experiment added  (powered by VeeRoute)
    • Solving problem size and speed increased multiple times
    • Driver shift time added
    • Expected Lead Time data added
    • Multiple pickups allowed during one shift
    • Week schedule for time windows added
  • Transport Optimization and Capacitated TO experiments now available for PLE
  • Export statistics to external DB or to a file is now  available for all experiments
  • Increased performance of import from Excel files
  • Demand table improvements:
    • Periodic demand type with first occurrence moment
    • Groups support in Demand table
  • Notifications about background experiment's completion
  • Destination indexes added for TO results on the map
  • Switch between straight or by-roads connections added for TO and NO results
  • Add threads number selection for TO and Capacitated TO experiments
  • New Examples added for:
    • Transport Optimization and Capacitated TO (PLE version)
    • Advanced Transport Optimization
    • Network Optimization (rate matrix)
  • ALX Documentation updated
    • Additional information about Ordering rules
    • Advanced Transport Optimization experiment description

Download anyLogistix to Get These Features?

The new features are available in anyLogistix today.  You can download at

If you need to upgrade to a Teams license, click here to schedule a call.

Simulation and Optimization Consulting with anyLogistix

SimWell is the distribution partner for anyLogistix in North America, and we specialize in simulation and optimization.  We can help you develop your simulation and optimization capabilities with anyLogistix internally through training and coaching, or help you solve the problem through turnkey consulting  if you don't have the time or resources available.  If you have questions about anyLogistix or if you're interested in training, coaching, or turnkey consulting you can click here to schedule a call.

Learn more about anyLogistix with this introduction video.


If you want to learn more about anyLogistix, click here to schedule a call.