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The Next Step in Supply Chain Analytics Tools for Teams Using Excel

Our Favorite Supply Chain Analytics Tools We all love Excel, and for most of us it’s one of our go-to supply chain analytics tools. Many of us have used it to analyze our supply chains and to share insights and analytics with upper management. If your business currently uses Excel as one of its supply […]

supply chain strategy

How To Compare Supply Chain Strategy with anyLogistix

Supply Chain Strategy with Spreadsheets Using spreadsheets is a common way to manage supply chain strategy in an organization.  While using Excel for supply chain analytics can be a great tool, it falls short when you’re addressing real-world problems. When analyzing a complex system like a supply chain spreadsheets are ineffective and inefficient because they […]

How To Plan Social Distancing In Business Operations With Agent Based Simulation

Social distancing in business operations will impact organizations for years to come. Why? First, demand will change as customers look to lower their risk of infection. Second, the process, people, and technology that companies base their business on will change. And last, the KPI’s that measure success or failure will, at a minimum, shift.  Most […]

3 Ways Onshoring in North America Will Create Business Challenges for Manufacturers

Have you wondered how your business will respond to onshoring? You see the onshoring trends.  You felt the disruption of coronavirus. A critical supplier in your supply chain shut themselves down, and in effect shut you down with them. Or maybe you were the critical supplier that put your best customer in a tough position. […]

Virtual Supply Chain Events

4 Virtual Supply Chain Analytic Events to Attend in April 2020

Stuck at home? Travel may not be possible right now, but learning and growing our supply chain analytics skill sets is still possible thanks to virtual events. April has 4 great events for supply chain professionals to continue their education, growth, and also just to make the month a little more fun! Free Webinar: Identifying […]

Building a Resilient Supply Chain

In times of uncertainty the unknown is scary.  For supply chain leaders, the focus goes from making optimal decisions to making the best of what’s in front of you. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to forecast when and where events such as COVID-19 (coronavirus) will happen, but we can predict that they will happen. We […]

SimWell Takes On Innovative Simulation and AI Projects Supported by Scale AI

Scale AI funds artificial intelligence projects for supply chains. SimWell is proud to participate in the first project selected by Scale AI in collaboration with Ray-Mont Logistics and IVADO Labs. This is the link towards the press release. Our experts are designing a simulation model that will serve as a decision support tool for operation […]

Why Supply Chain Risk Analysis Helps You Plan for Disruptions Like Coronavirus (and How To Do It)

Supply chain risk analysis should consider all of the risks in your supply chain. How will a Coronavirus quarantine near a point in our supply chain impact operations? How will a ransomware attack on one of our facilities impact our supply chain? Will a tariff make it more profitable to move operations to a new […]

Combining Simulation and Optimization to Reduce CO2 Emissions In The Supply Chain

Headlines from Well Known Brands Committing to Reduce CO2 Emissions Starbucks Pledges 50% Reduction in Supply Chain Emissions Asics plans to cut 55% of its supply chain carbon emissions H&M appoints former sustainability head as CEO American Eagle Outfitters pledges to be carbon neutral by 2030 Nestlé, Ikea, Danone among 87 firms committed to further […]

The One Thing Holding Supply Chain Master Planning Back

The One Thing Holding Supply Chain Master Planning Back A Master Planner makes an incredible contribution to every team, and they are a unique breed of people.  They are great project managers, have excellent soft skills, multi-task and manage risk all under a ton of stress.  If they do well, it’s business as usual. If […]

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