Why Supply Chain Risk Analysis Helps You Plan for Disruptions Like Coronavirus (and How To Do It)

Supply chain risk analysis should consider all of the risks in your supply chain. How will a Cornoviurus quarantine near a point in our supply chain impact operations? How will a ransomware attack on one of our facilities impact our supply chain? Will a tariff make it more profitable to move operations to a new […]

Combining Simulation and Optimization to Reduce CO2 Emissions In The Supply Chain

Headlines from Well Known Brands Committing to Reduce CO2 Emissions Starbucks Pledges 50% Reduction in Supply Chain Emissions Asics plans to cut 55% of its supply chain carbon emissions H&M appoints former sustainability head as CEO American Eagle Outfitters pledges to be carbon neutral by 2030 Nestlé, Ikea, Danone among 87 firms committed to further […]

The One Thing Holding Supply Chain Master Planning Back

The One Thing Holding Supply Chain Master Planning Back A Master Planner makes an incredible contribution to every team, and they are a unique breed of people.  They are great project managers, have excellent soft skills, multi-task and manage risk all under a ton of stress.  If they do well, it’s business as usual. If […]

greenfield analysis

How To Do Greenfield Analysis in Your Supply Chain

What Is Greenfield Analysis? Greenfield Analysis (GFA) is used by companies to determine the optimal number and location of distribution centers.  As a result, GFA is commonly used in supply chain design because it helps companies make better planning decisions. Imagine that you’re a VP of Supply Chain. In a leadership meeting, your team set […]

supply chain network optimization tool

Why Supply Chain Network Optimization Should Be Part Of Your Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain network optimization grabs attention when leadership talks strategic planning, supporting growth, adding new product lines, and so on.  Supply chain network optimization solves a very complex problem for companies, and the problem is that most supply chains have been developed with a series of decisions made over time. The Trigger For SC Optimization […]

IISE National Student Conference 2019

The IISE National Student Conference 2019 which took place at Concordia University includes many challenges related to Industrial Engineering. The students from many universities such as École Polytechnique de Montréal and Dalhousie University participate in the competitions depending on their interest and expertise. SimWell is the proud sponsor of the simulation competition included in the […]

SimWell Participation in the Salon MPA

The Salon MPA (Best Business Practices) is an event organized by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité that occurred on Thursday November 15th, 2018 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Some organizations present their business practices that stand out in their market. Other organizations, such as SimWell, introduce their expertise to help organizations innovate […]

AnyLogic 8.4 – New Features

AnyLogic continues to impress us with the release of AnyLogic 8.4.  The tool continues to evolve, and we’re excited to be along for the ride as one of AnyLogic’s newest partners in North America. What’s New in AnyLogic 8.4? Material Handling Library Transporter enhancements Added Network Port Added Lift elements Added Jib Crane Object Conveyor […]

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