Demand more from your operation with simulation based capacity planning

SimWell helps you clearly understand your complex operations so you can
increase throughput and efficiency.

are you consistently missing your production goals?

Does your operation involve countless variables and system interactions that change over time?

Are you tired of delivering customer orders late?

Do you need to know how to manage capacity to meet a drastic demand change?

Talk to a SimWell consultant.

Capacity Planning Problems You'll Solve With Simulation

Why SimWell Exists

Alexandre Ouellet - Simulation Model
Alexandre Ouellet


Jon Santavy - Simulation Model
Jon Santavy


At SimWell, we know you strive to be a trailblazing business leader, and it’s your job to make confident, informed decisions.

The problem is you have complex operations with infinite variables and interactions that just do not fit on a spreadsheet. This leaves you utterly underwhelmed by the predictive tools at your disposal, and completely overwhelmed by the massive decisions looming.

We understand the all-consuming nature of big decisions, and the sleepless nights that surely follow.  We know the pressure you’re feeling and we’re here to help.

You need real answers based on the complexities of your operation. With SimWell’s cutting-edge simulation software, you get just that.

We help you accurately predict the outcome of your decisions, giving back years of trial and error, saving you countless costs, and setting you free to be a trailblazing business leader.

Press fast-forward on your big decisions with SimWell. Book a call today to find out how we can make your life easier.

Start Making Better Decisions Today


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Tell us about your operation, the unique challenges you face, and discuss next steps.


Review your options

We’ll introduce you to capacity planning with simulation, helping you select what best fits your operation.


Make better decisions

Press fast-forward on your key decisions and get a crystal-clear view of how they play out.

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Our Customers Say It Better

“The model is incredibly accurate - it matches our operation within 5%.”
- Director in the Fortune 500
“The simulations allowed us to learn a lot about our future operations.”
- Project Manager in Large Operation
“The capacity planning model was able to asses all alternative options, and translate their impact to tangible KPIS such as labor costs, resource utilization, and line performance. The board was very impressed with the level of analysis the simulation brings to the table, and they'll now simulation all production lines“
- VP in a Large Manufacturing Firm

Our Clients

We Work with Some Pretty Amazing People

How SimWell Partners With You

simulation modeling


We’ll match you to the right software to help you make confident decisions.


We'll help identify the best software,
build models, and deliver
easy-to-understand results.


We'll help set up your software and train your team to use it to its full potential.

With SimWell, you get a true partnership.

Free Guide:
5 Ways Traditional Capacity Planning Tools Fall Short in 2021

Capacity Planning with Simulation eBook

Traditional capacity planning is obsolete. 

Your operation is unique – it’s a complex system with a lot interactions and resource constraints all changing over time.  

Download this free guide to see how traditional capacity planning falls short, and how you can meet your production goals with the resources you have today.

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