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Simulation Consultants to Help You Make the Right Decision

Our simulation consultants are always prepared to help you:
  • Define, Refine, Model, Justify, Visualize your process improvement projects
  • Reduce the risk associated with capital investment decisions
  • Design and Deploy systems which perform better, cost less and are on time
  • SimWell’s simulation consultants are experienced in discrete event simulation, agent-based modeling, systems dynamic, and multi-method modeling. We’re experts in simulation and use the right technology to help you eliminate confusion, define your process, and predict future outcomes in your process.

    SimWell's Simulation Consultants Solve Problems

    You should never have to worry about choosing the wrong option when you make a decision inside your business

    At SimWell, we believe you should never have to worry about choosing the wrong option when you make a decision inside your business.

    We’ve developed that philosophy over hundreds of projects & decades of helping companies improve their operation, reduce their costs, and minimize their risk.

    Our typical customer comes to us when they are facing a difficult decision inside their business, and they need to make sure they get that decision right.

    We help our customers test their options and compare how each scenario will play out through simulation.

    By testing in a risk-free environment, we know exactly what will happen with each decision, and our clients never have to worry about choosing the wrong option.

    SimWell Simulation Consultants Services include:

    Simulation Modeling - simulation consultants

    Simulation Modeling

    Our simulation consultants will build a model to solve your problem. We’ve built hundreds of simulation models over the last 15 years and understand that your process is unique. We’re experienced in discrete event simulation, agent-based modeling, systems dynamic, and multi-method modeling. We’re experts in simulation and use the right technology to help you eliminate confusion, define your process, and predict future outcomes in your process.
    Data - simulation consultants

    Data Analysis

    Data isn’t always clean. Actually, data is never clean. We understand how to get the right data in the right format so it’s useful in a real-world application. Spend less time prepping and cleansing, and focus your resources analyzing and interpreting solutions to your real world problems.
    Training - simulation consultants


    SimWell’s simulation consultants have honed their craft over hundreds of projects, and they have built systems and processes to ensure every model is accurate, high quality, and capable of answering your business decisions. Our structured training programs will teach your team the tools and the proven SimWell Methodology so they can build models like they’ve been at it for decades.
    arena simulation - support


    We understand every process is unique with it’s own quirks. Our support team is available during business hours to answer your questions on tools, processes, and anything you need to get over a hurdle.

    Embedded Engineering

    We stay on the cutting edge of simulation, optimization, data science, and digital twin. Need someone with expertise to work internally and independently? Our simulation consultants have the expertise and have joined projects at every stage of the simulation building lifecycle. If you need an expert in applying these technologies in the real world on your project team, our embedded engineering services will allow you to scale your expertise both quickly and with trusted experts so that you can accomplish your goals.

    We are always more than software providers to our clients

    Our experts are continuously innovating in model building, system optimization, strategic planning, tactical implementation, and process improvement. We help you to eliminate confusion, define your process, and predict future outcomes.


    The fundamentals to building a sound project


    Schedule a Call

    We take the time to understand your needs and goals and propose a custom solution.


    Choose the Right Options

    We’ll do the work for you, or we help you do it yourself by providing the right software, training, and project guidance.


    Accomplish Your Goals

    You can make the right decisions for your business. Get ready to focus on meeting your objectives.


    SimWell Consulting Deliverables

    How Will Your Team Benefit
    from a Consulting Project?

    If you don’t have a model to predict how your system will perform, you’re losing money. At SimWell we listen to your business goals, work together to identify a good path, and deliver a solution that makes decision making easy.

    Here’s how it works: A SimWell expert will meet with your team and lead you through the SimWell Methodology. During the project, we’ll follow a proven process to define your process, model it, and create a user interface that allows your team to make better decisions. After an engagement, you’ll have a data driven tool that helps you make the right decisions about the future of your business.




    Supply Chain


    All Industries

    SimWell Expertise

    Simulation Experience

    From automated production sale to the whole supply chain of the systems, we’ve modeled everything in ​hundreds of projects across North America and around the world.

    Industry Knowledge

    We’ve built models for just about every industry you can imagine in every corner of the globe. Manufacturing, mining, supply chain, warehousing, logistics, financial services, military, healthcare, pedestrian flow, retail stores, and more.

    The SimWell Modeling Methodology

    When you work with SimWell, we don’t just build a model. We are experts in simulation and we’ve developed a methodical process that’s applied to every project. We understand the importance of the decisions we consult on for your business, and The SimWell Modeling Methodology ensures every project is successful.

    Business Focused Engineers

    At our core, we’re a team of engineers that are meticulous and detailed to ensure the job is done right. But we understand that our customers have a business objective, and we align our strategy and execution around our customers business objectives to ensure your success on every project.

    Trust as a Value

    Trust is a core value at SimWell. We regularly discuss the importance of trust – from our leaders, from our engineers, and with our customers.


    Hear What They Have to Say About Us!

    “I was able to accurately model the system, it was validated and approved. I then used the results to re-design the process and modeled a future that helped our client make some decisions for their facility layout. Thank you…for your help, their original operations were much more complicated to model than anything I had done before so I’m very grateful for your expertise.”
    Consultant in operations management who has been supported and coached by SimWell
    “At this point we are wrapping up the project. As far as the model side it is perfect and you guys did a great job. I plan on perhaps writing up an article on the simulation model part and getting that published in a journal.”
    Federal government manager using SimWell consulting services
    “In addition to training us in how to use Arena, you helped us think of our process in ways that Arena could model and have provided great service and advice.”
    New Arena user in an engineering firm
    "Wow !! It works for the input !! I've been blocked on this for 6 months !!"
    A client satisfied with our simulation coaching service

    Our Clients: A Simulation Model for Every Need

    We Work with Some Pretty Amazing People

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